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About us & the album

K: It all started about 4 years ago in Prague when we found out that we really understand each other. Absolutely. Everything came spontaneously and we spent a lot of time together playing songs that we both love. But then we started to feel the need to create our music. And so came writing. Writing about everything we just felt and experienced. I think we are the types of people who think things through. In music, this is doubly true for us. We wouldn`t release anything that we wouldn`t be 100% satisfied with. The tracks from our debut Sleepin` With The Lights On are our personal memoirs. And in every song, certain time spent together plays its role.


J: We want to create music that touches everyone and brings a real emotion that is not limited by modern prejudices of today's styles. People today don't want to waste their time watching a bad movie, but often don't realize that they`ve lost a much more time choosing the perfect movie. They are afraid of wasting time nowadays. Most artists just adapt to attract listener`s attention immediately, otherwise, the children will just scroll them away. Spending time being creative and being patient allow us to perceive music in depth, and we are proud that, thanks to this, our music also gets depth.


K: Maybe you know that feeling when you`re coming home, and it's lit up inside and someone is waiting for you to tell you how he loves you. If you don't know this feeling, we`d love to send it to you through this album. Because nothing in this world is more important than love.

When we started writing our first original songs together two years ago, we had no idea that we would get here. Now we have our first album in our hands and in it, everything we feel, perceive and draw from each other. We decided to put eight songs on the album, which are the strongest for us. This album tells our story. There`s music in which every listener can be found and identified.

The song Found was composed on my home piano, which is closest to my heart. We still had it in the living room, where it sounded a lot, so the atmosphere was perfect. I will not lie if I say that I cried while composing this song. I have this place associated with many memories. At that time, at this piano, I imagined that I was Jakob and I was singing it to me. A little schizophrenia, I know. But the song is actually about how Jakob gets to know me and falls in love. And they lived happily together… 

The title song Sleepin' With The Lights On was an essential piece of work for us, which helped us to depict the spirit in which the whole album will go. As every day, we enjoyed afternoon coffee together. Jakob was editing the video for the song Skies and I was sitting restlessly with coffee. 

It was somewhere in one Bratislava Old Town cafe when I looked at the ceiling, where the light bulbs were hung and the flowers intertwined between them. And that's where it came. "Sleepin 'with the lights on, I know your troubles are gone..." 

"Jay, we have the title of the album and another song." And so there came the refrain of this song, which I immediately recorded on a dictaphone. We decided to dedicate this song to all our loved ones who left us before we had a chance to say goodbye.

Comin 'Home is a song about how new people often suddenly come into our lives, who often leave in a similar way. But we have known some of them for a very long time and they are an essential part of our lives. When you start losing these people due to special circumstances, you write this song.

The song Lonely God is our reflection on society. It is about today's world, which sometimes flows in a very strange way for us. The mammoner rushing people forward who are unstoppable. Not only do they all look perfect, but they are. Everything is instant, we need constant sensations and new online e-shops, where we choose goods at unbeatable prices. I think we really needed this quarantine.

Usually, our first dictaphone recordings contain a language that is more inclined to English. I never decided in which language we would write the songs. It was always a feeling that led us. I do not avoid Slovak, but it is so specific that phrasing in it changes the view of music we want to create. In fact, it limits me a little.

But Jakob and I have always created spontaneously and I love the feeling when something excites me and engulfs me to such an extent that I feel like crying about it. And so the Slovak song Čakám was created. One afternoon I was sitting alone in the living room and started playing the guitar. When I cleaned up the chords, I started writing this song. The words came to me, Jakob completed the guitar and the whole song was alive. I was quite pleased that one of the songs would be in our native language.

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