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Hello Mr. Kurosman, we prepared an exclusive EPK of our live sessions series from Botanic Garden for you. We'd be honored if you listened to what we created and it'd be a great pleasure for us if you'd be open to possible future collaboration with us. 

Also, we'd love to invite you to our concert in Carnegie Hall on November 3rd this autumn. We come from Slovakia. As independent artists, we have self-released two albums since 2020 and currently, we cooperate with Bella Concerts booking agency from Vienna.


Our sophomore album released last year in September was awarded the Best Slovak Album Of 2021 in Anděl Music Awards in the Czech Republic and it also received the Single Of The Year award in Slovakia Radio_Head Awards for the pilot single After War.  

We are Kristin Lash and Jakob Grey, we write, arrange and produce our music, and this time we wanted to create a unique series of artistic live sessions - we will release three videos, and each of them will be different. We collaborated with one of the best Slovak video and filmmakers Juraj Mráz and Oliver Záhlava. Each video is a one-take shot performed live.


our original composition


draft of the video we're going to release on September 14



our version of a jazz ballad written by Billy Strayhorn



title song of our sophomore album  

RAW draft of the video we're going to release on September 7

release dates

September 7 | Blossoms Of Your World 

September 14 | Passing Truth, and Lush Life 







Bratislava, Slovakia


Jazz, Soul, Songwriting




independent artists


Bella Concerts (Vienna, Austria)

+ 43 660 114 1069


press release 

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Screenshot 2022-07-11 at 22.42.07.png

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We started as a duo, posting our home videos playing mostly jazz songs. Then we won a few jazz contests, we supported Dianne Reeves, Walter Smith III, Stanley Clarke, and other great well-known artists. After releasing our debut album in July 2020, we were invited to the roster of Bella Concerts among greats such as Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Hiromi, and many other big names of the world jazz scene. Since then, we released the second album, started performing at European festivals, and currently, we are trying to find a label, that would be interested in cooperation.


Thank you for your time and willingness to listen to what we create.

Kristin and Jakob