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Lash&Grey have quickly become recognized as some of the most exceptional rising stars on the Slovak music scene. Since their debut in July 2020, they have released two albums, Sleepin' With The Lights On and Blossoms Of Your World. Both have been awarded Best Debut, Best Single and Best Album Of The Year awards in various music polls. Their rapid success has led to international performances alongside renowned musicians and legendary figures in the music industry, earning them countless additional accolades.


In November 2022, Lash&Grey had the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall in New York with Keyon Harrold, Harish Raghavan, and Martin Valihora. Additionally, Kristin Lash became a finalist in the prestigious Sarah Vaughan Jazz Vocal Competition 2022, held in New Jersey. The duo has graced several well-known European stages, including Porgy&Bess and ARTE TV, recent Italian Summer Tour, and has performed at jazz festivals in Paris, Lyon, Europavox Clermont-Ferrand, Oneness Fest in New York, Brussels Flagey Hall, Fara Music Festival, Jazz Maastricht, Wiesen Jazz Festival, Budapest, Ravensburg, Prague Metronome, Prague PROMS, Pohoda, Grape, Bratislava Jazz Days, Viva Musica, Open Jazz fest, Trnavsky Jazzyk, Mikulas Jazz fest in Slovakia.


With their unique and captivating fusion of jazz and soul, Lash&Grey are forging their own path in the international music scene. Their passion and talent have taken them far in a short amount of time, and it is clear that their journey is only just beginning.

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